CurlFTPFS & Quickbox

Hi folks,

I was wondering if any of you had any experiencing mounting the Quickbox VSFTPd server as a directory on another linux machine? I’m running in to bother with SSL because the certificates are self signed. I’d turn off SSL, but who wants to do that right?

A little more background:

Hetzner server - cannot use public torrents
Scaleway server - brilliant little throw away box for public torrents, vpn etc.

I’d like to mount the Hetzner ~/torrents/ folder on the Scaleway box to allow me to use deluge to download “directly” to the Hetzner box & have CouchPotato / Sonarr watch that folder for any new stuff coming in from public sources. SSHfs works, but it’s sloooooooooooooow. FTP was my next logical guess - maybe there’s something better, webDAV maybe? SMB? We have so many protocols - what’s the best?

I didnt realize curlftpfs was a thing…interesting. Couldnt you put a real cert in there? LetsEncrypt?

Since you want a mount…I normally say…Samba, NFS(should be v4 only), SSHFS.

I see rclone does ssh/sftp. I wonder if you could use that as a mount?

SSHFS works perfectly - it’s just horribly slow, especially with large numbers of files.

I tried letsencrypt - the CA isn’t recognised by curlftpfs.

Is Samba secure enough going out over the web? Have you used it yourself?

I have not used it over the internet…I have used sshfs over the internet…it wasnt to transfer files though.

What about putting samba behind a vpn or stunnel?

The problem with the VPN is the server in question is hosting the VPN so I can’t traffic down the tunnel to the other server.

I’m thinking WebDAV might be the way to go, had a little play earlier. It also doesn’t look like it’ll interfere too much if I use a new virtual host