Connect Quickbox rtorrent from distant Sickrage


I just discovered Quickbox and so far it’s really great, my only regret is to haven’t discovered earlier.

However, I can’t get Sickrage and rtorrent to talk. both are on different distant systems.
Rtorrent is the one in Quickbox on a distant server and Sickrage is on my local system.

I tried many setup but can’t get it working at all.

I tried all these with no success:

As I try to connect from a distant system, scgi doesn’t seem appropriate.
But I have tried many combination of settings in Sickrage and I don’t know how to progress.

Can you help me please?

On the same system as Sickrage, I have an chrome extention called Remote Torrent Adder that can send torrent to rtorrent. it seems to be using a different method as Sickrage but I don’t undestand exactly.

somehow, it worked after a few restart of my server and a try of a common solution

Http Authentication : Digest