💡 Flood rtorrent GUI on QuickBox



Still undergoing consideration… we will need to sort out basic port information as at this moment the author tends to have these configurations hardcoded and any changes result in the GUI not functioning properly. This remains true on the multi-user front especially.


Got it. Looking forward to this.

Thanks for taking the time to explain.



just checking in on the first of the new year 2017 is there a any progress with this?


I have been in contact with the developer of FLOOD and he is game on for collaborating for this as an addition to QuickBox. Thanks for checking in on this. :slight_smile:

I’ll share more details once there is more to share. I could see this as an addition by the end of January now that the go ahead has been received.

From John - the developer of Flood

@JMSolo Absolutely! How can I help? Just a heads up, it needs more features before it can stand on its own, but it’ll get there.


Awesome news JM - looking forward to this :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s great! I can’t wait for flood to be integrated with quickbox!! I feel so passionately about it, that I’d be willing to donate 3 figures $$$ to both the developer of flood and you, or whoever gets it integrated into quickbox. I am so passionate about how old and archaic ruTorrent is. I’ve been on some private trackers for over 400 weeks, used every provider under the sun, setup servers and seedboxes on dozens and dozens of servers and I am downright sick and tired of the same old rutorrent. All jokes totally aside, I’d pay in excess of $1000 each, for a new, revamped version 1.0 of rtorrent, libtorrent, rutorrent, and Deluge. I strongly want them all to remain open source, regularly updated, etc…I’d only ask a credit be placed in whichever of them is revamped and brought into the 21st Century. In 8 years of using and installing the setup…“the setup” has looked, felt and operated the same…whereas from Windows, we went from XP to 10…night and day (and I’m a MacOS user!!!). :slight_smile: Quickbox is the only beacon of hope in all those years honestly. You guys have stalled development, but if you incorporate some things for the community, on behalf of me, I WILL pay you a substantial amount of money. Which is kind of messed up, as I’m not a provider, and probably have less money than you, but somebody needs to do something to get things going, or in another 10 years, we’ll all be running RuTorrent v3.9 with rtorrent v0.9.14 ooooohhhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!


Your rants are the best rants @fiosaddict! Yes, most of the software we use is archaic and I too agree that FLOOD will be an incredibly welcomed and refreshing addition. Now that more and more devs are working with npm and node.js , I see that we’ll be moving away from bulky PHP requests and physical databases to lighter javascript queries and faster browser based database storage. Save your hard earned cash and just enjoy! It’ll be integrated soon :slight_smile:

As per QB developments… I know I know. It has stalled a bit due to my workload growing considerably larger and time being a bit sparse. With a couple more generous and bored devs we could pick back up… I’m one man and as we all know… QuickBox is a large script that requires a lot of finesse. We’ll be back in order soon. The entire community and all the suggestions and support are continuing to be an incredible motivation and inspiration to the continued growth of QuickBox. We’ll have the jump from toaster to microwave before you know it… as there are big plans for the next couple of version releases. :smiley:


Haha well thank you for the complement…if it was meant as one! Please don’t mis-understand me, I totally appreciate your hard work on this project. I won’t bore you with details on why I don’t have the time to contribute, or bother making excuses, but I can’t stress enough that it is many many times much easier for me to just throw money (aka motivation) at the “problem” , than it would be for me to try to help, other than make suggestions and go on probably unwelcome rants. I really, really wish there was some way I could help you, if money isn’t the problem. Although, on a side note, I think the providers who are starting to sell servers/seedboxes with Quickbox pre-installed by them on it, should have to pay some sort of royalty fee or lease, etc. It doesn’t seem fair…not one bit. Especially the providers based in India who can already undercut the US and EU based providers as USD is worth 5x more in India than in the USA, and there’s no sales tax or VAT for them to worry about either. If you want me to pay for a server, or servers to host THIS site and/or the repos, please let me know. I’d be happy to build a server with nice SSDs and an E3 and ship it to Nforce in NL to be Co-Lo’ed on their Class 1 Premium network! I’m not joking either. PM me for my email if I can help! I love giving back to as many people and organizations that positively benefits my life and other’s lives as much as possible! Sorry again if you took offense, or didn’t like my humor. I assure you that I’m an IT Professional and I do understand more than your average user lurking or posting here, so I truly am sorry if you were actually pissed off. Thanks for your hard work and happy new year! (Hmu for anything!)


No offense taken! :laughing:

I appreciate the offer and may take you up on those hosting details.
As per the providers pre-packaging QB and monetizing the solution (which is backed by Open Source - not much I can do about it) are indeed taking a communities worth of effort for their own gain… the ones not in touch with us via the images they are pre-compiling for sale will be notified and announced here in the Plaza. Some do contribute minor fees and others simply don’t care due to a lack of experience and know-how on their ends.

We’ll get there and a license schema may be implemented in the future. Still free to install, however, licenses will need to be generated via the gitlab api. The licenses will apply to a paid-for solution of QuickBox which hopes to be dockerized and using database auth rather than browser-based… along with user creation and management via GUI. Get excited about that! Still a work in progress with no ETA and it’s development has been taking priority in the spare time, hence the slow down on the current QB Eco-System.

Again, no offense and all was meant as a compliment!


You are always welcome to donate though. lol we don’t turn away them :stuck_out_tongue:
they do help pay for hosting and whatnot.


I do donate cold hard cash via paypal/stripe/bitcoins to all the high, mid and low level private trackers that I’m a member of. Some under this name…I have many many others that I use too :). If all else fails, that’s what I will certainly be doing. I for one do not want to see quickbox turn into a “ghost site” or be “abandoned” like so many other projects and scripts that quickly were from the very start. I’ll do whatever I can to stop that from ever happening and I went into more detail via primate message to JM personally :slight_smile:


Awesome!!! Flood seems to be very cool!!


Really hope to see this soon :smiley: flood will be perfect with QB !!!


I would also like this to be added.

For some reason when I try to add it, I only get connection refused :frowning:


try this: Install Flood on your seedbox