Any news on

Anyone any news on cloudbitvps? Haven’t been able to create any machines since the reset and now I can’t reach the website. The status page is still accessible though.

Looks like they are having some major woes at the moment. If they want to respond on their post here as that is the post they are currently monitoring. Other than that QuickBox has no other ties to them in this regard, so your guess is as good as ours.

Thanks JMSolo. Was hoping somebody might have an idea of the situation. I’ll just keep my eye on the thread you linked to see if they solve their problems. Hope it’s soon as I’m getting ready to dip my toe into the vps market for the first time and the beta testing I did looked promising as did the price :grin:

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We have updated our thread with more information on the status right now.

Many apologies for the downtime but an explanation is given on the thread.

tldr; Servers will be back up within a day or 2, lack of communication from panel support has delayed us adding servers.

Direct all questions to their thread HERE