[BETA] Deploy QuickBox on KVM VPS instantly [UPDATE 3]

Please check the latest posts for server updates!

Hello to all,

We have been working on converting QuickBox into a KVM installable image so users can spin up a machine for testing and quickly restart if needed.

Currently the project is in beta mode but upon testing everything seems to be working as intended.

Our servers are hosted on the OVH network with 1GB lines and NVMe SSD drives which means we can get some amazing disk transfer speeds of up to 145,000 IOPS and 1.2 Gbps read speed.

We would like to invite a select few who wouuld be interested in testing the platform. We will be updating other services at the same time and although most installs work some still need work on but if you stick to Quickbox installs you should be fine.

The build is based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and the new Smoked theme

If you would like to help test the platform, as well as help test QuickBox itself please send an email to [email protected] and we will reply with an invite and credit your account so you dont have to pay for machines.

Our interface and list of installs looks like this.


You can start stop restart ect your server

Also you can control your account via API


We currently have servers in France & Canada both include NVMe SSD

Setup Detail

Send an email to admin[at]cloudbitvps.io and we can send you an invite or

Signup using this link and you will be redirected to the QuickBox image directly.


After sending an email we will credit your account with enough funds for 2 months of service on the Developer plan. You can deploy, destroy and redeploy QuickBox as many times as you wish.

If you register using the link, simply submit a support ticket and mention you came from QuickBox and we will credit your account.

The main default non-root superuser is

Login: seedbox
Pass: seedbox

Please change your passwords upon startup.

A root password will be generated each time you deploy a machine. ex

If you lose your root password or forget it you can generate a new one without spinning up a new machine in the control panel.


Each account comes with:

x4 intel vCore (E3-1245 v5 @ 3.50GHz) (upgraded from 2 to 4)
25GB NVMe SSD - Remember this is for testing purposes only, use a cloud service if you want to configure more space.

Just to reiterate, this is not yet a commercial project, we are giving away the services for free to select users who wish to be able to spin up a QuickBox machine for testing purposes. There may be problems along the way and bug reporting is essential, either via this thread or by contacting us using the support ticket system on our site.

We welcome your comments and criticism but please keep it constructive and QuickBox related ONLY.

We are doing this first and fore-mostly because we love QuickBox and the features it offers but it can be tricky for people to get a server running just to even test in some cases. We welcome noobs and experts alike. The more the merrier.



Wonderful @Cloudbit_VPS! Thank you for the write up and the fantastic offer you’re providing to the community. This service looks incredibly promising and we wish you much success in it’s delivery.

Here, Here! :heart:

Thanks @JMSolo for your approval. We have had a quick chat via PM but i will message you again with any details we get and to discuss further options.

Sign me up! :slight_smile:

Hey @Bate we just need an email or support ticket on our site to sign you up!

EDIT: Accidentally named the thread Openbox :facepalm: - FIXED

Looks cool, however I get a 404 page when trying to signup for the service, anyone else?

We will look into it now. Regards

EDIT, we could not replicate the error, if you tried to sign up by clicking on our main site the link may be broken.

A direct link to the signup page is here


I tried signing up using Edge and it worked. Using Firefox results in a 404 page, strange… :neutral_face:

Hmm, we have been testing on chrome mostly, we will look into the Firefox issue

PM us your email and we will credit your account.

We have added and credited a few accounts at the moment. If anyone is having any trouble seeing balances please refresh the billing page.


Sign me up! Ticket created. Mail: [email protected]

Account credited!


Some stats from one of our users who signed up early, crazy speeds! A massive total amount of transferred data 20502.5 TB The servers are nowhere near full capacity yet and if they do we will expand.

We still have plenty of IP’s available. Come try us out for free! Signup and submit a support ticket then we will credit your account.

Test drive QuickBox today. Instant Delivery!

We have also changed the amount of vCores per VM on the Developer Plan from 2 to 4!

I can attest to this:

Fantastic speeds and the image was built quicker than I’ve experienced with other vps providers.

I’ll definitely recommend this service!

Thank you for testing the system, this is exactly what we needed!


Thank you for testing the system, this is exactly what we needed!


We have had more signup overnight. All accounts have been credited with funds.

Please refresh the balance page if your balance is at 0.00 and it should update


Some stats from our backend


Based on these stats we may upgrade storage to 50GB+ if the CPU usage gets much higher. This is to to even out the distribution of accounts across servers. Nothing needs to be done on the customer side, your VM will be automatically updated and you will not lose any data. We DO NOT oversell our services and never will!

Not sure if there’s a better place to ask this - if so please redirect me.

The setup process was pretty much instant - I did run in to something a little strange with the IP addressing, the IP in /etc/profile shows as ending in .188 but in the top right of the web panel it’s .184 - I have rebooted the server, are the IP addresses meant to be dynamic or was this just a glitch during setup?

Hi, thanks for pointing this out to us we will investigate this later today. It could just be a glitch in the system as VM’s are destroyed the IP’s become available again to any customer.

I will report back findings,


On a side note, you can also control your VPS via API

this sets up node.js which is required to run the command line tool
curl -o- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/creationix/nvm/v0.31.4/install.sh | bash
source ~/.nvm/nvm.sh && nvm install 6 && nvm alias default 6
npm install -g cloud
export PANEL_URL=https://app.cloudbitvps.io
export SAVE_KEYS=1 # these exports are needed only once
Yay, now you can just run “cloud” for all your server needs

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