ZNC and Apache configuration

Is there a way to change the ZNC installation to hide the port in the web address?

so if quickbox is installed to seedbox.domain.com, I can then access ZNC web from like chat.domain.com (default installation, the ZNC link upon installation is seedbox.domain.com:port)

I am wanting to possibly have the address go to chat.domain.com Right now, Chrome is blocking me from the web interface (ERR_UNSAFE_PORT) if i go to the http://IP:port. seedbox.domain.com:port gives me an SSL error due to the current configuration enabling HTST

Is there a way to do this? I already have an A record pointing to the server, but I cannot seem to get the configuration down.

I have posted my apache conf file at the bottom (without the config for chat.domain.com)

ApacheConfig: https://pastebin.com/XWUFYfza

I try adding the VirtualHost and Reverse Proxy for the second domain:


But it then brings up the browser authentication (not the ZNC web authentication, but like the quickbox Authentication). I can enter in the quickbox user/pwd, but fails. I have tried messing the config even further, but can’t seem to get it working.

Fixed this. I moved the username.console.conf into the VirtualHost declaration for QB. Then created the VirtualHost for the chat.domain.com with the ReverseProxy and was able to get it working then.

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