YouTube downloader

Hi all,

Thank you for this wonderful project and I like to add a suggestion:

YouTube downloader:
I recommend youtube-dl:
with this html webUI “HTML GUI for youtube-dl”:

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I’d be happy to see this in the upcoming versions of QB. It would be a small addition but I’m sure that people such as myself would be happy that it’s there, making downloading youtube videos via youtube-dl much more convenient. But then I think some would find this useless. Either way, this isn’t much of a big deal so yes, I would like to see i in the next updates or so but if not, then it’s still okay… no biggie

you can do this with Rapidleech

Thanks I just tried it and it works.

i recommend you to use DumpMedia Video Downloader, it has online and offline versions, I use the online tool all the time, save time and space, but you can use the offline tool to download in batch, means you can download the whole playlist at one go.