You asked for it - and we have now delivered!

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I’ve been with the QuickBox community for over a year, and time and time again I have seen the same feature request. “Can we have a File Browser application to view and edit files directly from QuickBox?”. This has been in the works for a while, and with the release of version 1.6.4, we are happy to announce that it is now finally here!

What is File Browser?

As the name would suggest, it is an application provided within the QuickBox Pro application that allows you to view, edit, and manipulate files on your server, without the need of FTP. It can be really useful especially when moving files around and everything.

Why did it take so long?

The key answer to this question is that we had completely rebuilt QuickBox from the ground up over the past few weeks and months and we needed that in place first before we could even consider looking at other new features. This feature was at the top of our list and so we have now done it.

How do I download it?

It’s simple! Ensure you are on verison 1.6.4 (to check your version see this article) then go into your Apps Dashboard and then search for File Browser. Then click on the Install button and wait for it to finish.

What does it look like?

We’ve designed File Browser to be as easy as possible to navigate around. Below are a few screenshots for your pleasure.

I wanna buy the Developer a beer, who do I thank?

Mine is just a pint of Larger but whilst you’re getting me one, you can also get Amefs his beer because it was his project and he has done an amazing job! Thank you for your hard work in this!

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself onto our brand new version and get File Browser installed! For the changelog for version 1.6.4 please check it out here.

I’ve found the browser app handy but it’s missing a feature I would use a lot which is to connect to a remote share within my Lan. Any suggestions or if I mount a share via SSH would it appear?