YAHQ Yet Another Hosting Question

Yes there are similar threads about dediboxs. Some of the other threads want cheap, public trackers or a ton of storage.

Looking for a Dedibox to gain buffer.

  • 1 Gb/s
  • 200+GB SSD
  • Dedicated ip
  • 45-55 USD/mo
  • Quickbox installable

Goal is buffer! with speed on private trackers.
Permaseeding will be handled locally on a NAS.

thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

good luck lol.

Under your budget, but the setup fee is pretty steep. Only 300 mbits "guaranteed"

I have a hard time seriously recommending One Provider (same DC as Online.net) but a couple more options in your price range. Similar deals with bandwidth - maybe even 500mbits. Like Online, they will be strict if they ever randomly decide you’ve gone over.


Thanks, though 1Gb/s is a must. I can sacrifice storage size and go up to $70/mo. But 500mbit just isn’t enough.

Should be pretty easy using https://robot.your-server.de/order/market

I max out around 110 MB/s :+1:

You’ll be hard pressed to find true 1gbit unmetered/100tb dedicated server in your price range. Even at $70 it’s a stretch.

The xc 2016 ssd version is a solid buffer builder with a gbit guarantee but they’ve already started advertising the servers as having a basic bandwidth guarantee whereas all the other lines have premium bandwidth guarantees advertised.

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1 x Dedicated Root Server SB52
* Intel Core i7-920
* 2x HDD 2,0 TB SATA Enterprise
* 2x SSD 240 GB SATA
* 6x RAM 8192 MB DDR3
* Rescue system (English)

43 euros (46 dollars on Hertzer)