X2Go not working as user

the x2go session is instantly closed when i try to log in with an user account (the screen pops up and closes in a second)

it’s working fine as root (which is bad, why is root login via ssh even activated?!? security blabla)

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I have had several users bring this to my attention wherein their connections timeout. It’s an anomaly within X2GO and not anything within the install of QuickBox itself. Sometimes it connects and sometimes it does not. Also, it does not require that users login as root as myself and others have logged in using sudoer accounts. However, I am going to spend some time with this today in an attempt to find why it works for some and doesn’t work for others.

If you could provide more info on your settings, OS and Distro then this will provide greater clarity and support to the issue at hand. Also, please provide which session type you are attempting to use on connection… recommended is XFCE.

In regards to root login via ssh, this is not a security issue. The only security issue that will come of root is in regards to weak passwords (which QuickBox is not responsible for managing your level of management on your own system - nor do attempt to tweak the integrity of your server… this is to be solely left to you). At any time you may modify your sshd_config file to say PermitRootLogin without-password if you have an ssh key (recommended) or PermitRootLogin no to disable it all together.

Again, thank you for your report and I’ll look into this soon.

I have ubuntu 16.04 with keys setup and I ssh in as root with those keys when needed. I can’t get x2go to work with root and the same keys otherwise I never have an issue with x2go on my main account. I don’t see this as a huge issue. If I REALLY need a root GUI then I just run a X Windows server locally and fire up a desktop via ssh.

I agree it sounds like you aren’t using XFCE for the desktop
That’s what I see if I use anything else.

(using ubuntu 16.04 on kimsufi, distribution kernel, xfce session)

it has to be something in your script that doesn’t allow x2go user login - it did not work before your x2go implementation in quickbox, i had the same problem before when manually installing x2go on an older quickbox version

it works flawlessly on a clean install or an install with arakasi’s seedbox script

it works as ROOT and not as user on my side, so the opposite problem as yours, really strange

I know there are a number of us that can login with X2Go just fine and it must be as a sudoer as root doesn’t have a /home directory… so that is puzzling that your root is able to login. As I stated, there are a very small number of people saying they cannot login (connection timeout) and I will attempt to see what I can find today.

Moreover, I can assure you that there is nothing in the QuickBox script that says to block an X2Go user, otherwise we would not had implemented it as an official package supported by QuickBox.

You are free to examine the x2go installer that we use. We ship x2go vanilla with xfce4 and nothing else. In my own tests i have had no issues logging in as users.

Root logins are not supported: http://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/1719/x11-connection-rejected-because-of-wrong-authentication

If you want us to actually look into an issue, please provide us with actual logs from your login session. Saying “it works fine with arakasi” doesn’t actually give us anything to go on because I cannot reproduce your issue. Perhaps you should ensure the user you are trying to login has an .Xauthority file

Turns out this bug only affected Ubuntu and didn’t exist on Debian (Usually the other way around!) so this was a bit hard to spot. Spent the morning troubleshooting this and I think I’ve got this one squashed:


I just wanted to add, that I had this issue with my ubuntu 16.04. I looked at the two files listed in the link, and they are in fact updated. However, my .bashrc in my users home folder was not. This caused the errored noted in the first post. I’m not sure what it takes to have the profile .bashrc get updated (my linux fu is not that strong) but editing the file myself and adding the extra bits in worked fine.

I started with 2.3.7 and went to 2.4 and 2.4.1 via the updates.

Finally got x2go working though!