Wtf oneprovider?

2x Intel Xeon L5420 2.50GHz
2x 500GB
Unltd @ 1Gbps
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

you software raid them…no need for HW raid 0. I dont buy that it 1gbps unlimited though. Who has the actual server…if its then thats totally BS

I’m speechless. Hey if people are going to be paying for that kind of stuff monthly, I’ll offer them boxes on my server rack at the same monthly price but only $25 a month for a RAID configuration… because money rolls eyes

OneProvider is the bargain bin of server hardware. Mainly they just resell the leftover crap from other providers… you know… the crap being old hardware and configs that they can wholesale to the most bottom dollar on? That’s where OneProvider sweeps in and purchases them, only to mark up the prices considerably higher… sometimes it’s even higher at OneProvider for old configs (with BS bandwidth promises) than it is for new hardware at say… Online.Net. I would rather dis out a one-time setup fee than to pay a premium (monthly) on crap hardware from a provider that barely has the ability to install the proper OS on requests.

I loosely recommend OneProvider to anyone… and I never ever look at their offers anymore as 8 times out of 10 you’re just going to have either immediate issues, deal with some clown on their support that blames you (even though they make an announce a few days later that the switches were going bad :stuck_out_tongue: ), get the wrong hardware, get the wrong OS installed, get the wrong RAID config… I know you get it.

In short; I loathe OneProvider so this doesn’t really surprise me.

guess they thought i meant hardware raid and its cheap and if it does what i need then ill keep it if not ill get refunded or say oh well.

also the location is the key with it

speedtest gets
500mbps up down so it will be ok as long as it stays at that speeds. if not i will say goodbye real fast XD

Basicly One provider is like this

Kimserf / OVH

One Provider is Online.nets Kimsurfi

Get Hetzer if you want a cheap HW Setup

ardware details:

Intel Xeon E3-1245V2
HDD4x HDD 3,0 TB SATA Enterprise

PLUS NIC 1000Mbit

  • Intel 82574L
    PLUS RAID Controller 4-Port SATA PCI-E
  • LSI MegaRAID SAS 9260-4i


LOL i know i have a good server with Hetzner and often recommend it to people but i need something in the states and close to me at least it just needs to run plex so not expecting extreme speeds or extreme results

Yeah, I would highly recommend staying away from Oneprovider for any location, but especially for their US servers. Depending on the city/state, you’re getting basically crap from ColoCrossing and it’s just another company in the middle that’s making money off you. If you really need a dedi in the US, look at (New name now, I know)…they have very fair & reasonable prices for 33TB @ 1Gbps. I’m in the states, so just curious why you really need a US server? I’m asking because if it’s only because your ISP has bad peering with Hetzner (or other provider), you should really consider just subscribing to a VPN that has great peering with you & your dedi. This is such a simple fix for anyone having peering issues anywhere. I am MORE than happy to spin up DO droplets with OpenVPN & many other proxy options (see here: I have one in NYC2 that only 2 other people lightly use; anyone that wants it just message me. Other great options are the $5 & $10 Leaseweb VPS options which have premium traffic, Private Internet Access (they always have promos), & VyprVPN (at least 40% off for annual subs, depending on the current “hidden” promos).