Worked ok at first but now wont add users


i installed quickbox yesterday it worked fine i added a user no problems all working fine

i just tried to add a new user and i keep getting this

Bad response from server: (200 [parsererror,getplugins]) SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier

i deleted the user restarted the server added a user but still keep getting the same error tried it twice now with different names but no luck

any ideas as to what might be causing this problem never had it before


Fresh install, no modifications?

A bit odd. Some Google results of your error:

Either something off with permissions or perhaps missing/bad PHP depends.

thanks php depends must be right as i have 2 users working fine and the dashboard works when i add the users so i assume php is fine its just rutorrent wont fire up when adding new user

are you using the command createSeedboxUser?