Windows Desktop

Hey , would it be possible to have Windows desktop installed on server?

depends on what you mean…

many ways of going about it…

vm, windows server,

I think with what you’re potentially asking here… I’m going to sum this up with a “No”. You’re asking to run Windows and linux in parallel on a server. That simply will not happen unless you first install Windows Server (usually licensed and pricey) and installing your linux in a VM box. More complication than it’s worth and having Windows Desktop is not (in most cases) going to make your server easier to manage.

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Yes and the alternative is just more headaches than it’s worth anyway. I ran a physical Windows box with Deluge for years. Problem is the Windows version of (most) torrent software will end up crashing. If you’re running it all the time and have a lot of torrents loaded/seeding, there is just a memory hole and the torrent software will crash after awhile.

I actually stumbled across QuickBox when I was looking for an alternative, and it was the best thing. My box has no problems now at all, and I seed torrents a lot more heavily.

A true seed box is the way to go if you’re a power user. If you’re on a budget and you’re sharing a computer between tasks (IE it’s your daily computer, torrent server, media box)… then VM is the way to go. If you wanted to cheat with having a “shared computer” and include QuickBox, there are lesser free options… but as @JMSolo you’re going to run into problems. Because then you have one physical box trying to share resources between multiple OSes… and torrenting can be a disk intensive task on it’s own, slowing down the other OSes running. Probably not able to really game and torrent at the same time…LAG!

My suggestion is have a dedicated box. If you don’t have the funds, save up for a simple box. I’m running an old AMD with 2GB of RAM, I just happened to have enough hard drives (and research time) for a RAIDed setup. But even on my slow/old/low resource box, QucikBox runs without hessitation or issue. It is an AWESOME solution, in my opinion!

was this pun intentional?

I run on my ubuntu server. I’ve installed Windows 10 on it and it works really well. I installed LogMeIn on the Win10 installation and i use it for doing webrips.

I did use VMWare before, but i found it really drained the system resources.

HA No I did not not even thinking…

Thought I would check in and see how your setup is working for you.