Why should you follow us on Twitter?

Originally published at: https://quickbox.io/blog/why-should-you-follow-us-on-twitter/

Over the course of these past few months, we’ve really been stepping up our Twitter game. We’ve been posting gifs, memes, links to KB articles and so much more. However, we want to use Twitter to engage with our community more.

Anytime we make a post here on our website, it goes out onto Twitter too. This way, you can get notified as soon as some important news comes out, or something exciting is coming your way.

In addition, we try and point our followers in the direction of any of our services, as well as popular and important knowledge base articles.

Whilst we will also try and announce things on Discord, this is a manual process and there might be some delay. We really want to open up our Twitter base to as many followers as possible. Especially as during this month we’ll be announcing some Twitter exclusive things, and you definitely don’t want to miss out.

In addition as well, if you’ve got a simple question that you’d like answered, we can try our best there, or at least point you in the right direction to help and advice about your servers.

We know how precious your time is, and so we use Twitter to get timely updates sent out.

So hop over to our Twitter page, press the Follow button and why not for the heck of it, say Hi! You might even get a response back! 😉