Who is Quickbox Pro for exactly?

Few questions. Quick box pro would install on my server correct?
2 scenario I need to understand

  1. Simple user wants own seed box and installs free version
  2. Master user has a power full box and wants to add users to it to have their “own” seed box (Quick box Pro???)

For a multiuser environment I´d clearly recommend QuickBox Pro!

  1. Go with Community version aka free version if multiuser environment is of no importance and the fact that multiuser functionality will be hard to manage.
  2. Multiuser focused users should go for QuickBox Pro as it is developed with multi user functionality in mind.

Not using the term Master as a Master user could be fine with a community version as well :slight_smile:

Thanks. Soon as I get some solid testing in on free version I will upgrade to pro and help support project as well :slight_smile:

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Pro would be for, IMO… got a nice server and want to add users for a FEE ??? well there you go. Make a few bucks…