What is the proper way to grant R/W permissions of a directory in your user's /home to another user?

Example: There are 2 users, John and Jane. I want to give Jane access to /home/john/shared

What would be the proper way to do it? So that permissions to read and write are given for existing and future content of all subdirectories, so that it would work for seeding in a torrent client of both Jane and John and they would be both able to modify it.

create a group add the users to the group then give the group the proper permissions on the folder


I’ve added “Jane” to group “John” and set permissions of directory to 775 but Jane cannot even cd into the folder. I get “*** forbidden path: /home/John/shared/” owner of the folder is John:John

What are permissions of /home/John? You’ll need group read access at the very least on all the directories leading up to the folder.

Permissions of /home/john are also 775. Through File Manager plugin I’m able to browse directories and delete files with correct permissions but I’m unable to create files.