What is the password to the user "plex"?

Hi, i am wondering what the pass is for the user “Plex”?

This is because i ran into a problem that my normal account dont have admin permissions anymore?

I don’t know why, but it could be nice to reclaim this su permissions via plex

Hello @FrodoToto,

You can know if a user has a password with the command sudo cat /etc/shadow.

If the second term is a string like “jbpLYuW97V0pDwukqaagcRu9yLWYp/O7bHr5baf6DLgj5” (much longer) so the account has a password. If not, not :slight_smile:

So I looked, Plex user doesn’t have password.

You can login with Plex user by these commands : su plex or sudo su plex (If you don’t have sudo rights, it will ask you a password even if there is no password)

And you can use sudo -v to know if the account has some sudo rights, if you have some, no message will be displayed to the console. But if the account doesn’t have rights, you will see : Sorry, user plex may not run sudo on YourHostName.

So I think the plex account should not help you :wink:

Anyway, did you set a password for the root account ?

Yep i have a password for my root account, but the account is not accesible

When you login to the server, you are logging in as your sudo user yes? You can easily type sudo su to gain access to the root account. Are you not able to access the Web Console on your dashboard as your master account either?

He accidentally ran (chown -R “his username” /) so the only way back was to restore the whole system… sadly :frowning:

We tried a bunch of stuff to recover from that but was not able too :slight_smile:

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Ah, thanks for the follow up @heppahd and additionally for the assist! Too bad it was the dreaded permissions to root.

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