What is the function haste() in .bashrc used for?


First of all, spent some time on installing QuickBox in a VM to tinker with it today… I’m in love :wink: Once Deluge gets added I’ll be all in.

That being said, I found some little things (msged Liara about it on IRC), but since she is not spending time online at this moment AND I found something I am really curious about…

I found the following function in .bashrc:

function haste() { url=“http://p.rewt.pl”;key="$(curl --silent --insecure --data-binary @/dev/fd/0 $url/documents | cut -d “”" -f 4)";echo $url"/"$key; }

I cannot find where it is used / referenced (so very likely it is not). What got me curious is the reference to the .pl domain that sound very much like root when announced.

What is it used for?

Yes, it was a non-used function as the .bashrc was a slightly out-dated version, there was a much larger update that was committed yesterday. Today there will be an official announce made that goes over all if it’s functions and breaks them down to where they are easily understood.

You can view the new .bashrc template here:

Thank you for your prompt response. That’s a big overhaul indeed!

Not a problem! :slight_smile:

It most certainly is a very large overhaul and adds a bit more transparency and customization to ones experience. The dashboard is a fun tool and I love it for obvious reasons… however, I feel this overhaul will give more users an excuse to play with their shell and get to know the ins-and-outs a bit more.

You can see some post I made here for a few more details… just a start really:

As a side-note, I would like to mention that though the size is considerably larger, the shells response is much faster in lieu of this update. The unused and hard-mentioned functions in the other bash had a tendency to weigh things down a bit.

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