What host do you run QuickBox on?

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I would be glad to get some feedback from all you QuickBox users on what host you run your QuickBox install on so other users easily can get a Go/Nogo if they wonder what host to use or in doubt can this host run QB :slight_smile:

Hopefully end up with a listing for all to use continually updated!

Splitting it up in 2 sections Europe and US.

Important - Please also include a Go or Nogo and Country(Europe or US) :slight_smile:

Reserved for Europe!

Reserved for US!

Online.net and Kimsufi

Kimsufi and soyoustar i have hetzner before… but i preffer ovh

Hertzer Baby :slight_smile:

Same here, 6TB Hetzner box. Just moved to this Xeon from an i7 specifically because I wanted to install Quickbox and it made more sense to buy a new server and copy everything over then to copy everything elsewhere/reinstall/copy back.

I used the guru setup since Hetzner has a few unique requirements and I just wanted it DONE quickly and correctly. The service was great, was ready in hour or two at most.

I used to have Hetzner, and they were great but peering to Texas for anything 720 and up in the afternoon/night was terrible

Switched to SyS peering hasn’t been as bad still can get a little questionable at night but it is still beter then hetzner was

Only downside is your going to be paying more for the same space and a not as good processor


Word for word I am in the same situation with @Hyd. It’s SYS Canada for me as my media server is solely remote. I used to go by way of Online.net which wasn’t so bad, however, after the merging of Charter and Time Warner… it’s not nearly as good as it was.

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I use an OVH EG-16 in BHS. It’s a very solid machine and while it does have some problems with seeding, not being located in Europe, I’m having no issues holding a very nice ratio (5+) on a site like PTP without the use of freeleech.

I can definitely recommend the EG-16 in both BHS and RBX (and most OVH servers for that matter, with the exception of the game servers and the C2750 12TB machine they offer)

I’ve been on a lot of other servers and tuned a lot of servers for other people. Two of my recommended servers for people on a budget:

####Hetzner - e3-1245 2x3tb 16gb ram with an intel nic

  • Amazing value. Good hardware, tunes well and the intel nics outperform the broadcoms and realteks that all their other servers push

####Online.net - dedibox xc 2016 SSD

  • Great on a budget if you need to build buffer fast. The processor isn’t strong, but it makes up for it with a zippy little ssd that can keep up with the 2.5gbit backbone quiet nicely

That said I do not recommend the HDD version of the XC 2016. It has severe IO issues and will struggle to keep up with any torrents that are too big (16+gb) or once you start seeding several torrents at once. It can be a good box if you are willing to work with its limitations, but for the average user who just want something that works I find it tedious to work with.

OneProvider might be cheap but has some of the worst support I have had the mispleasure of dealing with. You get what you pay for, I suppose. It might be okay if you never had to contact support, but I find myself dealing with their support more than any other provider due to failing hardware.


Actually I’m using the XC 2016 SATA by Online.net and haven’t faced the issues liara mentioned. My biggest torrent has 121GB and it seeds well in general. HDD writes about 90MB/s max, so that’s pretty good for a small drive.
Also no problems with anything else so far, installation worked fine and running the server is smooth.
Can’t complain…

Seeding is a whole other game than racing is which is where I get the most complaints of “Why it no vroom vroom?!”. If you had just grabbed that 121gb torrent hot off IPT and wanted to score some sweet freeleech during a race, you would be finding a whole different story (Torrent is too busy writing from cache to really do anything else and the rest of your torrents will suffer during heavy period of cache write-outs)

Further seeding a torrent can often be done sequentially, which this drive can handle far better than the random writes that result from chasing the swarm.

This box is not a performer, is all I’m trying to say (read, I find this box tedious to work with and explain to people the best use case). The machine can and does perform if you treat it right, but it’s not a product I can back because it only performs in a specific use-case scenario which is not the use everyone is looking for from this machine. If you are expecting solid 2gbit performance, take a look at the machines from i3d that cost 10 times as much and offer a similar 2gbit backbone.

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You get what you pay for :wink:

I had Hetzner until one of my 3TB HDDs died on me… for the second time on different servers.

Now I’m with SYS. Same price, better hardware and network. Only 4TB tough.

Thanks for all your replys so far - have done a quick listing and will sort it once I get some sleep :slight_smile:

Hetzner by far as been the better choice for me. The only problem is streaming or transferring data. Crossing the already crowed Atlantic cables are rough during Europe’s wake hours. When its at night over there (18-hour time difference) I can max out my 100mbit line. When not I am lucky to get 100kb/s per connection. But that’s were btsync comes in. Multiple connections FTW.

One item to note is, do not go super cheap. Their servers are heavily abused. Do buy anything without two enterprise drives and raid them.

Btw this is not “What host can you recommend - why and why not!!” its purely though as a simple listing of hosts where QuickBox is able to be installed and used! :slight_smile:


I recently acquired a Hetzner EX41 server. I agree with what everyone else above has said. Absolute great value for money.

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