What difference does QuickBox make?

After installing QuickBox I am a bit confused. It seems to have changed more on the server then just installing rtorrent and quickbox webinterface.

What should you keep in mind after you have installed QuickBox on the server compared to how you use a fresh Ubuntu server?

Did you do the install of 16.04 or 18.04? Also are you referring to the new QuickBox Pro version or regular Community version?

I personally have been using the community version on 16.04 up until yesterday, when I did a year subscription for the Pro and rebuilt my entire machine (actually rebuilding it again because I screwed up something after install) on 18.04.

not completely sure what you mean because the install doesn´t change anything except if you have something preinstalled related to nginx is this is installed and set up to serve the dashboard. Also a few prerequisites is installed to make features used by the dashboard work but nothing that will “change” your server - so please elaborate?