We're Looking for Guest Bloggers

Originally published at: https://quickbox.io/announcements/were-looking-for-guest-bloggers/

Do you love technology and writing about technology? Write not consider creating a guest blog post based on a topic of your choice. It could be written about anything! It could be about the new Ubuntu Operating System that has just been released. It could be about the new Raspberry Pi. It could be about new storage capacities being launched for PC hardware.

We want to share our blog with as many people and really engage with our community and we want to show off your work.

It doesn’t have to be about technology per say in terms of hardware. You could write about an application that you can install on QuickBox. You could write about a 3rd party application you found on GitHub that’s useful that you think other people should be using.

You could write about best practices for setting up Plex with RClone. Or using a USB security key. Or recommend different pieces of software with a balanced argument as to why.

The possibilities are endless however, we want you to get involved. We want to be able to fill weeks with your guest blogs. We’ll give full credit to you as well, so please include your name and your blog post. Please put the post in the body of the email and not as an attachment.

We cannot guarantee we will feature every submission however, we will try and feature as many as we can.

So if you have an idea for a blog post, write it out in notepad, word, or something, and then email it to me directly. You can email me here.