We're Back! And Better than before!

Originally published at: https://quickbox.io/announcements/were-back-and-better-than-before/

Yes we’re back!

You read that correctly our Friday blogs are back and they’re bigger and better than before. We’ve taken a week off to help prepare for our Autumn launch of blogs. We’ve got more topics, more news, more information, more tips and tricks and just more of everything. In addition to this, we’ve got some exciting updates to share about our Blogs and generally, our Community Team.

Our Community Team

As you know, I am your Community Liaison Officer responsible for writing these blogs, creating knowledge base articles, organising community events like our Community Day and manage our social media. There is a lot that goes into my work and that doesn’t even begin to cover it. So with that in mind, it is with great pleasure to announce that Bif will be working with me to help run some important events and more!

Bif has already shown he is an active support member and will continue to support our customers were possible with QuickBox. However, he does now want to expand his skills into supporting our community more.

Over the course of the next few weeks, you will start seeing posts, tweets and more from Bif.

Our Blogs

In case you didn’t catch on, we pre-write our blogs.

Yes I know. It’s a shocker but in order to generate the fantastic content you guys love, we have to prepare it in advance. Over this past week, we have prepared over 20 blog posts ready to be published. However, if we posted 1 blog every week, we wouldn’t need to post anything for the next few months! Taking us until the end of January 2020!!!

Now, whilst we would love to just sit back and relax with a beer, we thought we would be better than that. We want to share that content. We want you to read it and love it and share in our hard work. So with that in mind, we’re going to be posting a blog every Monday and every Friday! Yes you read that right – two blog posts a week!

Shocker! I know! Various topics will be covered and you’ll start to see Bif has his way with the blogs very soon too. We’ll continue to post our blogs on the Plaza as well as posting links on Discord and Twitter too.

Community Day Event

We held our Community Day Event back on Saturday the 24th of August and whilst we had some technical difficulties (sorry about that) we got there in the end. It was a success but we defiantly learnt a lot doing it. Because of that however, we are going to be hosting some more Live events as it appears that our community likes them and we love engaging with our community.

We will be adjusting the timing to ensure that everyone gets the chance to check it out Live rather than watching it back on replay. We will continue to use our YouTube Channel for our live events.

Because of this as well, we will be releasing more videos around the QuickBox platform and how it works too. So keep an eye out and subscribe to our YouTube Channel for those.


We’re looking for someone to join our community team who is a graphic designer. We need to jazz up our graphics and unfortunately, I do not have the skills to do this. We need new banners, YouTube art, Social Media images, and more to make things more modern and just better than my Microsoft Paint skills.

If you are a graphic designer who is interested in working for QuickBox, then please reach out to me on discord where we can discuss it further.

Thank you everyone and we’ll see you on Monday for our next blog!