Welcome to QuickBox.io



Welcome to the new QuickBox.io Forums & Community Plaza!

QuickBox is lovingly crafted & maintained by the QuickBox Community and it’s passionate developers - we are not many - but we love what we do with the time we have. With an aim to encourage community sharing, script building and better seedboxing, as well as to relieve people of Seedbox From Scratch Syndrome… the QuickBox.io Discussion Forums and Community Plaza has been born.

But it’s more than that…

It’s been requested by several awesome folks that we setup a more dedicated stage to discuss, collaborate and announce QuickBox. As requested, we’ve pulled the cap and released our first attempt at these requests, a forum and a community where QuickBox can call a home and our members can share their visions, concerns, suggestions and just enjoy some general chit chat.

Our aim is to provide a more solid foundation for QuickBox itself. This will involve several things that we hope to accomplish over the coming weeks, they are outlined below:

  1. Build up that Wiki!
  • You don’t have to tell me… the wiki and tutorial base for QuickBox knowledge are not just weak, they are lacking entirely, as in, not there at all. This will change with the intro of the community here at quickbox.io
  1. Introduce a website with more pizzazz and awesomeness.
  • This isn’t just to show off design skills. We’re looking to increase the user-base of QuickBox. Get more people on-board and testing it out, critiquing it, sharing ideas and ultimately contributing any way they can. This is made much easier and is entirely more effective with proper promotion and friendly showcasing of QuickBox and all that it can do.
  1. Get more scripters/developers committed to throwing time at it.
  • Granted, QuickBox is completely open-source and is free for all willing to use it and want it. Anyone wanting to put effort into the project will be given credit. There may even be a donation infrastructure setup in the near future… these donations will not be for profits, but will be divvied out to developers in regards to the amount of time and commits they throw down on the project.
  1. Most important of all - bring the community of users together to share experiences.
  • What it all started on was that very principal … sharing. This idea has had it moments of weakness and times of great strength within our community. We want to not just produce a half-baked example of this… we want to emphasize that a passion still lies in these efforts and great things can be accomplished on ones free-time. What’s the reward? Just knowing that people enjoy the project as much as we do putting it all together.

So with all this laid out. Please, enjoy your time here. Feel free to drop some suggestions for forum topics. Over the coming weeks (again) this forum and it’s adjacent website will be getting built up. It’ll take time and it’ll take a lot of effort… but we’re in it to win it!

Hey, Do You Want To Contribute To QuickBox?

Oh good! Shoot us an email to echo[at]quickbox.io and let us know what you would like to take on. We’re not creating positions and handing them out, we want the community to play a part in this and decide what roles you’d like to play.

If we dig your mail, we’ll be in touch.

Thanks for reading guys and girls. Hopefully we see you on the inside! :smile:

~ @JMSolo JMSolo
QuickBox Designer/ Co-Creator
~ @liara
QuickBox Tuner & Linux Sorceress

…and of course… all those whom have put effort into QuickBox thus far over on GitHub