Welcome Text (ssh server)

Hi guys,

Anybody know where the welcome text is stored? It’s getting in the way of my oldschool ascii.

I know it’s not in .bashrc ! hehe

try nano /home/username/.bashrc
because each user has their own bash file to use.

yup, I replaced it with my own, assuming that’s where it was - apparently not…

its in /etc/profile

edit: the distro ones are in /etc/update-motd.d/


also see /root/.bashrc

does the /root/.bashrc get called when a user logs in?

No, it does not.

/usr/bin/lshell /etc/lshell.conf
as users get a modified one

It’s not in .bashrc… see @RXWatcher’s post.

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thank you RXWatcher :slight_smile:

you could do what i do and use /etc/issue.net

nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config
to enable it remove the # in front of banner
users don’t see the other stuff due to modifyed shell

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