Weird things happening with vsftpd

Good morning as of yesterday vsftpd has been playing up it was working fine now it keeps trying to login as nobody lol

Response: 500 OOPS: cannot locate user entry:nobody
Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server

i have checked vsftp.conf there is no such user
i have run quickbox updater i have rebooted the server

any ideas guys anyone come across this before i certainly haven’t


I have never seen this type of behavior from vsftpd.

Have you altered your directory permissions, i.e; /home/coaster in any way?


no i have not touched anything i am guessing this must be a server problem when i create a new user ftp is the same for each person i add same error, is it possible to reinstall vsftpd this might cure the problem but i dont want to do this if it will create more problems

You could try to reinstall vsftpd. Just make a backup of the vsftpd.conf file and rinse/repeat. 500 error like that would usually indicate bad permissions on users directories.

this happened again with user nobody so all i have done is adduser nobody and vsftpd is working again only problem is the user nobody god knows where he came from uses resources but without him vsftpd dont work so i suppose it means we will just have to put up with nobody lol

User ‘nobody’ is a valid system user. Nobody has control over nobody, it just safely handles various processes for security.