Web IRC Clients - Shout / Lounge

Hi all,

Just started using Quickbox and loving it!
I’m missing something that I’ve already tried to install manually but not getting success in getting it to run.
A web irc client such as Shout or Lounge. They can work as a bouncer as well and I need only to have a browser in front of me to connect back to it.

Would there be any chance to get packages on the management portal to auto install and configure?


i like this idea, i find Quassel and ZNC to be a pain in the butt to setup just for some simple irc chatting while not exposing your real ip.

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That’s the way to go in my idea.
If you want to just quickly get on a server and chat, anywhere at all without having to install anything on the machine you are using, this is the perfect way to go forward.

I’ve been using this while at work in one of my browser tabs, with only praises to report. :slight_smile: