Web files location on Linux


I need to put html files in my QuickBox so I can access them (without password) through my_server_ip/newFolder

  • First could you help me to locate the directory in the which I should create newFolder in Linux
  • And then how could I disable user/password protection on this folder (I guess it will be the .htaccess located in newFolder) ?

Thanks a lot guys!

You could use the File Share plugin in rutorrent.

1: in ruTorrent using File Manager, navigate to said file/folder
2: Right click and select “Share”

3: Set amount of hours to be shared. Password Optional

4: Go to File Share tab. Copy share link

Thanks @bate but its more lika a small html website so it have links between each pages etc.

That’s not some small fix or changes. You’ll need to edit apache conf

@bate don’t you think I could use a small trick, like hosting the directory on the rutorrent/couchpotato/sonarr web interface ? Even if my url will looks like my_server_ip/rutorrent/newFolder ?

The files for the web page are located in /srv/
The problem is that that folder is password protected.

I helped a friend host a landing page on his server, we used the /var/www/ directory as it’s not being used by QB and is an obvious place if I forget where the hell I put it.

@bate is right though, you’ll need to create an apache .conf file.

If you’re willing to put an hour or so effort in it’s more than achievable, but if you balls it up you might end up having to rebuild your server (because apache can be a little bit of a pain sometimes).

Backup, Backup, Backup then read:

The short summary is:

put web files in /var/www/html/
create the .conf file in /etc/sites-available/
enable with a2ensite
reload with service apache2 reload

Hope everything goes to plan.

If apache falls on its face after making the .conf file, use a2dissite and reload again.

I’d avoid editing any of the quickbox .conf files as you’ll probably make things worse…

@valkyre14 thanks, that’s exactly what I need, I’ll store it in /rutorrent for now as it’s for a personal use. But ill check the other possibilites for later of for a cleaner setup

@bate thanks for your help too :slight_smile: