VPS goes offline after a while

Hi, after many troubles and 2 days trying I have quickbox installed on my VPS but now Im facing another problem. My VPS crash or something but goes offline after few minutes running quickbox. I thought that was a huge single torrent that was running, so I removed it and put a normal single torrent (14Gb) with something like 10 peers) but the vps is going offline anyways.

VPS is 2 cores, 2Gb ram and Ubuntu 16.04

Please any help?

If I click the Boot button on VMSolus the VPS start and rutorrent starts working perfect, but after some time I check and the vps is down.

Maybe ask the VPS provider ?

Already told them and not much help, they said about quickbox eating all the ram but I already saw that is normal in quickbox.

BTW, quickbox is the only thing installed on the VPS.

Running torrents of a 2GB RAM VPS will eat RAM up fast.
I honestly don’t think this is a QuickBox related issue

Check your dashboard for RAM usages or run free -m in terminal

You Really need to be running on atleast 3 to 4 gbs

Well, finally was the server provider who auto down the vps with an script anti abusing, the script detects too much I/O and send my VPS down.

Now the have whitelisted my server, but with your comments Im looking that quickbox is not for budget vps… like 1Gb or 2Gb ram… or little cpu.

Honestly Nano you would have a easier time buying a cheep Dedi from Hetzner and you would atleast get 4GB of ram for 30~ a month

you can get better from like oneprovder or online.net for the smaller boxes