Virtualbox shared folder, how to assign

Hi all,
I’ve got it working! all that remains is duckdns, openvpn and this folder issue.

I don’t mind using deluge or rutorrent but what I do need to do is assign the downloads (and quotas) to the shared folder so the torrents go to the 3tb drive…

I hope that makes sense.

the mount is /media/sf_torrents/ then hopefuly I can migrate the torrents over as well… there’s quite a few in there already.

Any guidance on how to do this?

Here’s this being the last roadblock. I’m hoping the openvpn and duckdns steps are much easier!

and to be clear, I don’t really need the quotas. this is a seedbox inside a VM so I can run the vpn without is messing up my htpc geolocation etc… I just want rutorrent do DL to that shared folder as that’s where the space is!

you would need to install the host tools for the vm so that it can share with the host to the vm. otherwise you would have to have them on same network. and setup samba and a bunch of other stuff.

Hey Dtech,

that is done, the folder is mounted… path in the VM (ubuntu) is /media/sf_torrents/ it has full access. It’s more how to assign that folder to rtorrent, I did it in the rc config but rutorrent and quickbox are still reporting no disk space etc.

as they will not know the diskspace. remove quota first off.
also are you wanting to seed this way? or just download?

will be seeding as well.

I dont know if that will work or not seeding to network drive as that is what it will be pretty much. but you can try it idk. i dont have time to play with it right now i set up a similar setup for a windows vm for encoding inside of a ubuntu server

I’ll report back if I get it going the way I want…

any other ideas would be great.