Very minor issue with the deluge downloads section in the 2.4.0 panel

In my opinion it should be ‘deluge’ and not ‘deluge-web’ since it incorporates both deluged and deluge-web downloads.

Like I said…minor…way bigger fish to deal with.

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Good call! That does make sense.

###Updated here:

lol…dang, you’re good. I owe you a donation here in a bit. I want something so you can go out and have some fun. You work way too hard at this.

Ok…one more issue with this. The deluge downloads section is triggered only by enabling Deluge Web when it should be enabled by either Deluged or Deluge-Web. I personally dont run Deluge-Web all the time unless I have to.

I just thought of another issue. Enabling Deluge-Web should enable Deluged. You cant have Deluge-Web running without Deluged(well ok…you could if you had another deluged running somewhere to connect to but that would not be the norm). Disabling Deluge-web should not disable Deluged.

Maybe the real trigger for the Deluge downloads should be based on Deluged alone?

I think that seems like a fair enough statement. It’s true what you say… Deluge-Web relies on the Daemon to be running. We’ll see about that here soon. We appreciate your logic kind sir… and your donation :wink: