Version and update

Hi guys,

Everything is running well on my setup for a while (about 2 months)

I’d like to have a look on the changes between my actual version and the latests especially for the dashboard.

Where can I find my actual version ?

Do I have to do an apt-upgrade or is there a special command ?

Thnaks ,

I finally log with root acces and saw the version number.

I stil continue to look for an update command.

box upgrade unless you are on old repo then you got to follow this


I’ve done all steps without any problem but the version stills 2.49

Do you have any idea why ?

As @dtech_banned has stated, you are more than likely still on the old gitlab repository, which has been retired for some time now. Please review the article linked in depth. You may need to remove the traces of /root/quickbox/ in order for your update to complete successfully.

Thanks guys

I had to adapt some things in the article but I’m done

I had this error message but it seems to run now
HEAD is now at 64bee34 adjusting some verbiage

/usr/local/bin/quickbox/system/updateQuickBox: line 456: torrents: command not found
mv: cannot stat ‘deluge’: No such file or directory
mv: cannot stat ‘rtorrent’: No such file or directory
/usr/local/bin/quickbox/system/updateQuickBox: line 463: syntax error near unexpected token `fi'
/usr/local/bin/quickbox/system/updateQuickBox: line 463: `  fi'

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