Version 2.4.2 - Official Release

It’s finally here! It took developers and Beta Squad members a solid week and a full day today of 110% commitment to get v2.4.2 ready and cooked for release. We’re proud to say that after all the lack of sleep and poking to ensure we’re still alive… here it is!

###What does this release include?

  • We had some big requests for both PlexPy as well as Plex Request.Net. If you are a fan of Plex (which most of us here are!) then these two are definitely worth checking out as they are some welcome and very cool additions to the official QuickBox Package-set.

  • Another feature we thought to throw in was some Plex Media Server enhancements. Basically, before with default plex there is the sometimes complicated task of creating a local tunnel via ssh to encrypt and forward your Plex connection to you local media server and/or @liara has done some wax on / wax off to get you right in the spot light with a little bit of Proxy magic in Apache. Plex is now located on port :31400 and this bypasses the need for creating a tunnel… we’ve essentially done it for you. This update is reflected on your dashboards as well… so no worries :slight_smile:

  • Improved web console. Yeah, I know… this has already been tremendously improved, however, there were a few caveats in regards to security that were agreed to tidy up and make nice with anyone with custom ssl certificates via Let’s Encrypt and TLD of their own. We have once more whipped out the Proxy magic and drizzled a bit of awesome-sauce on top to give you a tasty console link… it’s secure, it’s got your name in the link and it’s simple. Ports are no longer able to be accessed from the http console as it is now reversed to yourusername.console on your dashboards.

  • Better Service Toggling. This was a big need that we had been working on since v2.4.0. Now you can toggle on/off more of your installed service (including Plex) as we have converted them to systemd templates. This also includes toggling your Web Console on/off if you are not comfortable (no matter how secure) with having an HTTP Web Console.

We will have an official changelog posted along with the readme update tomorrow, however, with the amount of work and hot fixes in this version update... we thought it nice to post the announce now.

####Wait! How do I update?
Click on your username in the dashboard and select ‘Check for updates’. Let the System Response widget show you the 100’s of commits involved and then select to close and refresh your browser when it is completed. In the off chance the update seems to freeze… no worries, just run it again!

Any questions or issues… please just open a new topic in the forums and we’ll address it soon. Most of the development team is out for the night, but no worries… we’ll help you resolve any issues you may run into as soon as possible.

Thanks for everyone’s support! Again, we couldn’t do what we do without such an awesome community to stand beside us :heart_eyes: