Verified Beta Squad Icons with username!



:confetti_ball: WOW! beta squad members now get fandangled beta squad badges to sport next to their username!

That’s right! Members of the QuickBox Beta Squad not only have exclusive private access to development repositories, test versions for upcoming updates and private beta squad only forums, but now also have something to make mom proud of them again! Yup, fancy new icons to wear with pride!

Enjoy Beta Squad Members You have earned it!

Well, it’s mainly in the spirit of forward progressive movement here within the QuickBox plaza… but it is nice!

What do I have to do to be in the beta squad?
Simple, just swing an email to echo[at] with the subject “Make me a beta squad member” and a quick intro on yourself and how you can help. You do not have to be a fancy coder, designer, money mogul or pop sensation… just having free time on your hands to follow some simple guidelines is really all that’s required. You’ll be introduced to these guidelines once your approved and have access to the forum.

Obviously, it helps if you’re a member of the forums too. :wink: