User name connect

How put a default username for authentification ?
(sorry for my english :-))

Hello @blackcustom,

For which protocol do you need a default username ? SSH ? HTTP(S) ?

For log to the dashboard in https (i use letsencrypt).
I just want to enter the passwd and no have to enter my username :wink:

I believe that is not possible with Apache Digest Authentification.

Maybe in futur QuickBox release :wink:

ok thank you :sunglasses:

QuickBox_Pro will utilize (already does) data base authentication. Therefore, any password managers such as lastpass, keepass, etc… will be able to use their autofill features. As per no username option, I don’t think this is something that will ever be utilized. Possibly mapping passwords via the database to usernames, but that could issue some complications.

As per the availability of QB_Pro, I should have a stable release by February as it’s been a massive undertaking that I have been committing most of my development time to.

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