User acc is gone?

Hello… I have got into a BIG problem.

First i could not delete files at my user storage. Then Plex would now play any files from my user storage.
Then i decided to try and reinstall PMS. That is done. I can’t get acces to my files, so i found this guide and tried to solve the problem using this command lines:

(I have replaced username with my reg. username at the server)

usermod -a -G ${username} plex
chown ${username}:plex /home/${username}
chmod 750 /home/${username}
setfacl -m g:${username}:rwx /home/${username}

Now i can’t login to my server anymore in X2GO (permission denied) .

When i login to webconsole instead of my username it says:

How do i solve this problem? :frowning:

Please delete my post. I have fixed the problem.

How about sharing your solution (unless this was literally some major user error) so others may find it handy?

Im not sure what the problem was. I had a friend look at the premissions and users settings and reset it some how :slight_smile:

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