"Upgrading" to Pro from Community

New to quickbox, installing the community to play around with it to see if i like it before diving into Pro.

With that, is quickbox upgradable to Pro from Community, or does it require a fresh install?


There’s no upgrade option available yet. You need to have a fresh ubuntu server in order to install Quickbox Pro.

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Perfect! Thanks!

Is there any news about this ?

I have been using quickbox for a long time, so I think its about time to upgrade. But i just bought a new server, and got anything up running, so i dont want to reinstall again.
So i’m hoping you have good news about this



I’m really sorry but as mentioned previously there isn’t an upgrade path from Community to Pro as of yet. We are currently going through some ideas in terms of how this could be done realistically but at this stage there is no option apart from just doing a complete clean install.