Update rutorrent Version (show label size)


Hello! First of all I want to thank you really much for this awesome script. It is really incredible! I have just migrated from another one and it is really fantastic. I have only one question, I noticed after migrating that with the rutorrent version included in QuickBox the option “show label sizes” is not available. I miss it, it is really useful for me. I suppose rutorrent version included is older than the one I was using. It is possible to upgrade it to a newer one that includes that option? Thank you really much.


Hey there @romancin,

First off, thanks for the compliment… much appreciated. :blush:

Now down to the business of “show label sizes”. Is it possible that this was a plugin? I only ask as QuickBox is running the latest ruTorrent version that is available. If you could inform me of the details of where this option was located and maybe point me to a source link… I can perhaps include it into QuickBox and we’ll mark this as a suggestion/feature request.


@JMSolo it’s rutorrent proper, I do believe it’s a mixture of rutorrent and it’s plugins.

Iirc it’s tracklabels and perhaps httprpc that contain the new functions.

The js needs to be updated along with the lang packs and such and the option will show up in the rutorrent general preferences

If you want me to take care of this one, I can when I have time tomorrow


@liara, that’d be great if you could bust that one out… soon as you have time. I am going to prep for the changelog and get those details ready. Big ol’ update and whatnot.


i think plugins are not involved. Here is a screenshot of the option:

Thank you!


This is the result:


@liara pushed the update. These features are now included. You can run the update from your dashboard to pull the new commits.


Wow!!! Incredible fast!! Updated and there they are!! Thank you really much for your work!!