Update quickbox_rutorrent-plugins / autodl-irssi to prevent dialog boxes automatically unchecking

There’s this bug where everything checked in an autodl-irssi Filter gets unchecked if you reopen it or select another filter. The issue has been talked about here: https://github.com/autodl-community/autodl-rutorrent/issues/26
and resolved through https://github.com/autodl-community/autodl-rutorrent/commit/ae3d7a9cc37da87143e855ebc7e957559eed65ae

Could you add those fixes to quickbox please.

Hello @Dantrum,

You’re right but I looked in your first link, it seems that the bug has been resolved with JQuery’s update.

I’m currently searching how to update jQuery version on QuickBox and will let you know (if JMsoon has not fixed the issue meanwhile ;))

Thank you fro the quick response.
Is it solely JQuery that needs to be updated ? If you look at the commits there seem to be a lot of changes from jq.attr to jq.prop which are not present in the Quickbox repository of autodl-rutorrent.

You’re right, to be honnest i’m not expert with jQuery and it seems that lot’s of version have been released since.

I think @JMSolo will be more efficient to understand which updates are need :wink:
Be patient :slight_smile: