Update now or wait for new version?

The title says it all.

Should I ran the updater now or wait for the next release (i.e. v2.4.5)?

If I run it now, isn’t there a chance that a bad commit can break my setup?


Considering we are on v2.4.5, I would say “Yes, go ahead and update”

No, if you do find that something has snuck into the commit chain and causes potential harm, you can always post this within the Bugs category and we can fix it as soon as possible. When bugs are found, none of these are of the breaking variety and are usually adjusted and pushed to the public channels within the hour of the find.

We have a private development channel for the developers and beta squad for this very reason and usually find any such subjects before they are publicly released. :wink:

With all this said and out of the way. There is now an update history widget that is displayed directly on the dashboard. This can be visualized and updates can be preformed on a rolling commit basis… no real need to wait on version to version.


Oh, as I browsed trough Annoucements and there was no post regarding 2.4.5 I tought it wasn’t out yet.

I almost forgot about that one. That widget is currently not working on OS X Safari. I get a plugin missing warning with no info to what plugin is missing. It works on Chrome tough. Maybe someone from the dev team could try and sort this out for us Safari users? :slight_smile:

I will update to latest version as instructed. Thanks for the help JMSolo ;).

I think what may be happening is that I am sort of against the use of the iframe tag, thus I use embed to insert the feed from here into the widget. Perhaps Safari doesn’t respect the new HTML5 way of implementing iframe/embedded object feeds. I will need to look into that to make sure, so thanks for the heads up on that.