Update and deluge 2 problems weird

Hi and happy Halloween

i have updated a couple of servers and love the addition of deluge for users and not just master account

this is the problem i have run into on one server after upgrade i added a user and deluge shows up fine and connects all working but with existing users it shows the deluge button but service status remains red and will not refresh, if i disable and re enable deluge for existing user they both show up green but no deluge link after refresh of deluge d deluge web stops but deluge d remains green after screen refresh both revert back to red

now on the second server i installed deluge as master and it shows in existing users accounts dashboard both are green and the deluge button is present but when i click on it it just opens a new tab with quickbox dashboard so i tried to do this manually by omitting the https and adding the port to connect 10563
and i then get this site cant be reached i have reset apache but still the same

ime clueless when it comes to deluge any ideas as to why these are happening