Update 2.3. 2.3.6

Sorry i search on the community but i d’ont find it the way to update 2.3 to 2.3.6 last version do i have to do git pull on folder or i have to do something else

You can run updateQuickBox to update your system to 2.3.6. This will include the future use of being able to update directly from your dashboard… version 2.3 was missing this feature.

ok thanks but when i do the update i chose version above 2.3 but when i refresh my browser he say version 2.3

More than likely your browser is caching old data. See what it displays if you clear your cache.

same things i try to reboot the server and same version number :frowning:

You shouldn’t have to reboot your server. I am asking that you clear your browser cache… in Chrome or Firefox.

yes i do that i clear my browser cache in google chrome

If you are still having difficulties you could attempt the following:

cd ~/QuickBox
git checkout master && git pull
cd packages
git checkout master && git pull
bash system/updateQuickBox

when i write cd ~ /QuickBox it’s write /root/QuickBox No Such file or directory

but when i log in putty that say You are running QuickBox 2.3.6

Well that’s interesting as 2.3 introduced that directory to your file system. Try this:

git clone --recursive https://github.com/QuickBox/QuickBox QuickBox
bash ~/QuickBox/packages/system/updateQuickBox
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Oh yeah now it’s working thanks you

Not a problem. Glad it’s working now. Updates from this point forward are much more simple and can be done directly from your dashboard without all this additional hassle. Enjoy! :slight_smile: