Unused servers available to rent

Hi I currently have 3 unused servers from online.net to rent if anyone is interested.

As I have upgraded my servers I know longer need these 3 and before I return them to online.net I just wondered if anyone would be interested as they charge setup fees I thought I should ask and see if anyone wants to save a bit of money by not paying any setup fees.

I would not be looking at making any profits on the servers just enough so roughly they cover the monthly costs to online.net.

The servers I have are:

DediBox SC 2016 4GB 1TB HD (£10 per month) (Rented no longer available at this time)
DediBox XC 2016 16GB 1TB HD (£12.50 per month)
DediBox LT 2016 32GB 3 x 250SSD (£30 per month) (Rented no longer available at this time)

EDIT: (04/03/2017) I have rented two of the servers for a month and reduced the other 2 price to reflect the currency market.

I can only accept payment via bank transfer, so would prefer someone in the UK, sorry I cannot take PayPal.

You would of course be able to have access to the server for a short time before any payment would need to be made so you know they are real.

I would keep the ownership of the servers, but you would still have root access and be able to request any OS you wanted installed. As long as the monthly payment is made to me you can keep the servers for as long as you wanted.

If anyone is interested let me know I shall be returning the servers back to online.net by the 20/05/2017 if no one is interested.

Drop me a PM if you wish to discuss it further.