Unrar problem after upgrade and restart rutorrent

Hi guys,

after the upgrade and the restart of rutorrent, i can’t unrar any torrent.
error is :slight_smile:
/srv/rutorrent/share/users/XXX/settings/tasks/147264083257c6b74062bf77.99947084/start.sh: 12: /srv/rutorrent/share/users/XXX/settings/tasks/147264083257c6b74062bf77.99947084/start.sh: /srv/rutorrent/plugins/unpack/unrar_dir.sh: Permission denied

any idea ?
Best Regards

hey there @pibi73,

Check to see that the scripts located at /srv/rutorrent/plugins/filemanager/scripts/ all have execute privileges.

cd /srv/rutorrent/plugins/filemanager/scripts/
chmod +x *

Hi JMSolo
connected here are the permissions

-rwxr-xr-x for all the files

Let me know
Best Regards

This could have something to do with either a bad torrent corrupting your settings (task namely) or where the torrent is attempting to extract to… only thing I can think of as the upgrade does not alter permissions with good reason.

Are you trying to extract outside of the users /home/< username >/torrents directory?

If not, try to make a quick backup of your settings and see if the issue lies within a bad torrent. You can do that by doing the following:

cp -a /srv/rutorrent/share/users/< username >/settings /srv/rutorrent/share/users/< username >/settings.bak

then do a restart of RTorrent, either from your dashboard or by doing systemctl restart [email protected]< username >.service

Updated the backup command as I only gave you half the command.


i have tried to do a second restart of Rtorrent without change, and now it’s all ok :slight_smile:
Thanks again for the help.