UnRAR encyrpted files

Hello everyone. I couldnt find anywhere to type the password of the rar file while extractiing on rutorrent. I can easily unrar files using


command but there is nowhere to type password in GUI. Any help?

Edit: archiving files is not working too.

Password protected archives are not supported by filemanager in rutorrent.

If archives are failing to make in general check that the path to your rar bin is correct in /srv/rutorrent/plugins/filemanager/conf.php

Thanks for the heads up. Just checked the conf.php.

$fm['tempdir'] = '/tmp';               // path were to store temporary data ; m$
$fm['mkdperm'] = 755;          // default permission to set to new created dire$
$pathToExternals['rar'] = '/usr/sbin/rar';
$pathToExternals['zip'] = '/usr/bin/zip';
$pathToExternals['unzip'] = '/usr/bin/unzip';
$pathToExternals['tar'] = '/bin/tar';
$fm['archive']['types'] = array('rar', 'zip', 'tar', 'gzip', 'bzip2');
$fm['archive']['compress'][0] = range(0, 5);
$fm['archive']['compress'][1] = array('-0', '-1', '-9');
$fm['archive']['compress'][2] = $fm['archive']['compress'][3] = $fm['archive'][$

Everthnig looks god I guess? But It still can’t make any compression. It fails to do RAR,ZIP,TAR everthing. When I try to do the console opens up as normal,
2-3 seconds after the lof tab opens and I get this error:

[21.08.2016 19:49:31] FILE MANAGER: Action has finished :
[21.08.2016 19:50:03] JS error: [ : 2] Uncaught TypeError: object is not a function

Can’t seem to figure it out.

Edit: Looks like file manager is acting up. Can’t seem to delete or move files right now.

Inside the filemanager plugin directory there should be a folder called scripts double check in there to make sure the scripts in there have execute permissions. ls -la

Added execute permissions to that directory. Now everything works fine. Thanks.

Some free methods can be used to UnRAR encrypted files, like using Notepad, password-online. The steps of the operation are very simple.