Uninstall rtorrent or just install dash/package repo?

Thinking about moving to straight private trackers meaning i would like to have only the bear necessities on my home server using either rsync or btsync to auto sync to my home plex server.

re install os and start over… that would be easiest. not sure what exactly you’re wanting to achieve.

I still like the interface and i can customize it enough to list my own links so it would still be a great asset but if im not going to be using a service why have it installed?

what are you not wanting to run exactly?

rtorrent/rutorrent and autodl

you want uninstalled or just killed?

apt-get remove rtorrent

apt-get remove --auto-remove rtorrent

apt-get purge rtorrent

apt-get purge --auto-remove rtorrent

so what all are you wanting to run then btsync? it might be still simpler to reinstall os and then use the repo to install what you want to run. i’m not sure how to remove the webgui other then remove it from /srv/home

Thanks for the help, will this be a repeat process if i update qb from git?

for the /srv/home yes anything removed will be added again. as for the rtorrent i am not entirely sure
because it is a installed program and not monitored by the git pull command.
but i could be wrong.

Ill give it a go and see friday(fingers crossed new QB)

we can hope
lol the developers are always working on it :smiley: that and doing their day jobs. i have much respect for the Dev.