Unable to run ssh on 443

What can I do to run ssh server on port 443 ?

I did the usual by entering “Port 443” in sshd_config file, but of no use. The sshd server was crashing ; I can not see anything running on 443 or ssh using command “sudo netstat -tulpn | egrep ssh”

Kindly advise.

443 is a web port for SSL, not SSH. SSH is by way of 4747



I need to run sshd on 443 since this is the allowed port at my dorm. I have installed rutorrent , web console and nothing else. Kindly confirm if any other service being run by quickbox script to block 443 usage.

Can’t see any port in use by ssh daemon.

You cannot run SSH on port 443 as it is a websocket port meant for SSL connections only.

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this being said you could see what other ports are open on the network and forward the ssh to another open port that is not used by webserver so 8080, 443, 80 441 there are a few more i can not think of off hand but any port can be used if open and not used by another app on the network/computer
you will have to use google a bit to figure out how to forward the ports but it could be done in theory but we would not support it once done as we have hard enough time finding probelms with things when we know what to look for when people change things makes things even more time consuming and we lack time so unless members on site want to help more staff not gonna be able to help much more than point you in a direction.

port scanner https://pentest-tools.com/network-vulnerability-scanning/tcp-port-scanner-online-nmap

Well… You can run ssh on 443, it just happens to be in use by Apache.