Unable to run "setup-pyload"


I can’t run setup-pyload, earlier on i was told to use sudo su to get to root and then run setup-pyload but i get this “error”.

dedi-par-31974:/home/buddhahoarder# setup-pyload
setyp-pyload: command not found

I installed pyload a few times and did some re-starts, did not help.

I dont get what you are trying to do?. Theres no setup-pyload command?

After you install pyload, it says to run setup-pyload to complete it. And what i am trying to do is getting pyload to work…

You are right. I’ll look into it :slight_smile:

sudo su

Capital L! :slight_smile:

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For anyone else:

@JMSolo yeah i first checked that page for commands, @bate Thanks ! What a rookie mistake… thank god i am still a linux/quickbox rookie… dumb typo to miss.