Unable to install services

Hello !

I just start a fresh server with Quickbox pro.
So I wipe my old server, and install ubuntu 20.
All installation of Quickbox going well, but now i can’t install any services.
I have somes errors (couldn’t install dependencies, …) or no error, but can’t run application.

All thanx for your help !
And sorry for my english :smiley:

Hey there @Torn!

Sorry to hear you’re having difficulties. What is the output of apt -y update && apt -y upgrade. Does it state there are any apt dpkg locks, anything that could be stalling the installation of additional dependencies.

You can also try to run apt --fix-broken install as well as running sudo su - (hyphen on the end is important and even as root as this elevates the bash environment for qb commands) and then running qb fix dpkg.

If these commands help sort you out you can then run commands such as qb reinstall rtorrent <version; ex: 0.9.8> etc etc

Hey @JMSolo !

Effectively I had a problem with dpkg
It’s now working, many thanx !

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