TV Shows subtitles


Need some help i do have a TV Show already on my cloud and i need to transfer subtitle to that folder is there any way?

If I understand you correctly, you have the subtitles on your local computer?

If that’s the case you can just use any FTP client to connect to your server (I use Filezilla)

the server details (default) should be:

server IP address (or domain name if you use one)
Port 5757
username & password are the same you log in to your dashboard with

Good luck :slight_smile:

thanks for replaying back to me, i was doing that when i was using acd_cli mount but now im using rclone all my files goes to my cloud automatically and the file name change automatically as well. so i dont know if i still can transfer the subtitles manually via ftp to the cloud folder through ftp.

Try to rclone copy the subtitles files to the movie/tv show folder.