Tuning Service question


First I want to thank you QuickBox team for this awesome work!

Can I order the QuickBox Tuning Service to do some reconfiguration of my dedicated server instead of tuning?
If not, how to get trustworthy and paid support service?


I believe that the team would gladly help you with that!

what kind of changes are you seeking?

Undoing the 2Tb soft RAID to get more space (4TB from 2x2Tb)
My main concern is about keeping my configuration/data.
I’ve thinked about getting a new server (well configured) and cloning the old one.
Or renting some storage to backup, reconfigure RAID and restore.

Kamino, who is your dedi provider? I’m currently with online.net and am using their C14 backup service to do something similar :slight_smile:

Someone used the tuning service before and know if its good?

Would it help me get better performance on a server with 3 seedbox users ect?

As far as our tuning service goes, it is strictly the service outlined by the guidelines. Anything else would be considered a special request and subject to a different rate.

As for cloning one server to another it’s a bit of a complicated process that I’m not overly keen on facilitating. If the server is soft raid, there may be a possibility that the raid level can be changed with mdadm, though the reshape could take several days to complete and the process would be quite taxing on the hard drives.

@valkyre14 server is rented from Dedimax (online.net reseller)
I’ll look for C14 Backup service if it help

@liara playing with soft RAID using mdadm seem risky for my data if done by me :slight_smile:
But thank you for providing this solution.

if you buy the server for backup id be willing to help you start backing up your current server at least the /home to another and then help you redo the raid and restore it.
i’m not sure how online.net works for raids and not sure about the how to set it never had to do them yet.

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I love my tuned server :smiley: honestly what i would do tho is have them do a full install on the new server

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After looking for the best way to change RAID Level without loosing configuration/data, I’ll rent a new server to clone the old one. If you know some tools designed for cloning (like old norton ghost) let me know.

I would just copy off the data and .torrent files to your new box using rsync and start fresh. Cloning linux systems never goes cleanly.

I’ve done this before for rtorrent using ssh/rsync but now I’ve a huge configuration with Plex, Sonarr, CouchPotato, Jackett…
I’ll go with your advice. I’ll start fresh. I’ll seek new server and order Tuning Service before I start rsync.

rebuilding sonarr & couch potato aren’t really that much of a hassle, but if you want to save your watched history with plex, this article might help:

Good luck!

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rsync is the way to go with moving your home at least. not sure about all your settings but most of them are there.